The collection of biometric data representative of real border settings is an important part of the PROTECT project. The first collection of the PROTECT Multimodal DB database took place in the premises of the University of Reading from 26th to 29th of June.

Several partners from UREAD, IRM, ITTI, WAT, EURECOM, PLUS, and VERIDOS participated in this event whether by collecting biometric data with their individual biometric sensors, providing their biometric data as volunteers or simply aiding in the organization of the event.

This collection involved using video, voice recording, optical sensing and depth-sensing to record the subject’ biometrics including: voice; 2D & 3D face; thermal face; iris/periocular; finger/hand veins; and anthropometrics/gait pattern.

Biometric data was recorded from a total number of 47 subjects. The set of subjects included a wide range of variety in several aspects including age and gender. The age interval was from 21 to 76 and the distribution male/female 57%/43%.


We are currently reviewing distribution of PROTECT biometric data, in view of GDPR compliance. In the meantime, we cannot give access to the PROTECT Multimodal Database to requests from data controllers or processors established outside the European Union. We will update this page once new procedures have been established.

For the users from EU please use: